It begins by starting

by usethevoice

The beginning of any new project is daunting, there is no question. The blank page staring at you, waiting to be pierced into being-ness by a stroke of your words (or lines, paint or image, depending on your medium). The great passage from idea into action, risking it all to make manifest what would otherwise remain an impulse, an idea.

Why is it so difficult? It has been my experience that when something is simply a spark in your brain, it feels pure, protected. You can control every edge of it, ensure it’s remains untainted and even predict its undeniable success, as long as it doesn’t touch ground.

So what happens when it touches the ground?

Usually it becomes less perfect. Like when blood meets the oxygen of the outside world, it changes colour. It doesn’t match the original image or the feeling, it takes on a life of its own often with unforeseen challenges and questions. For some, they react by abandoning it, interpreting the lack of control as a fault of their ‘talents’, which have failed them due to an inability to render the original intention.  For others, they will forget the original impulse and let the creation run amock, not offering it the proper guidance as it meets the eyes and ears of the world and moulds to their pre-set ways.

Either way, the Voice can be lost. When I say the Voice, I mean the essence of the original impulse.

Thus I introduce this blog.

Use the Voice is about coming out of hiding and being our authentic selves as creators. After years as a practicing filmmaker, artist and spiritual teacher, I’ve learned a lot of what it takes to build a consistent, empowered creative practice. I also still feel like I am restarting everyday, re-commiting and confirming that the artistic path is valid, worth it and essential. Both sides of the coin have created a passion for the process, leading me to seek new insights and tools around every corner from fellow adventurers. Now, more then ever, with the world in the tenuous point that it sits, I feel a pressing in of this truth:

It is our time as creators.

I believe the world needs us and we need each other. By practicing my own feat of being seen by showing up everyday on this blog, I hope to inspire and learn with you how to get even better.

So…let’s begin…