by usethevoice


“Tulip” – color drawing series, 2006

This weekend, thanks to a course I am taking with the Training in Power Academy to unlock creative blocks and access more of my expression, for the first time in years, I made a drawing. Sitting down with my pen and music playing, it was both strange and familiar, I found myself wondering – why haven’t I been spending time here?

As a child, my mother kept my hyperactivity at bay in waiting rooms and church services by carrying a small note-pad and pen in her purse at all times. These “doodle books” became my sanctuary in the boring adult world as well as a focus tool that I would use through all my schooling career. It’s only been in the last few years, as creativity has become more and more the focus of my life, that I haven’t needed the doodling to feel calm. Perhaps with the creative Voice being well heard, it didn’t have to constantly tap me on the shoulder to carve it’s impulses out in scribbled lines on the back of receipts and restaurant napkins.

What I also recognized, is that as I have gotten older and taken a professional stance on my life as an artist, I grant myself less and less time to play and wander. Thanks to my class assignment this week, I was able to find my way back to a sense of origin, one without agenda or need for perfection, something to simply delight and express my feelings.

How many times as creators do we get to ‘business like’ with our work? I’m all for be professional, but I am grateful for the rejuvenating quality of creating just for play, just cause – like children do. How do you connect to your origins?