When did it get so serious?

by usethevoice

Summer 23. Tyson Howard, 2005

Do you ever feel like you have forgotten to have fun?

You know, when you are working on something so hard that time is gone, your head down, focus on, mission driven, fierce like fire, only to look up to see that you are alone, balled up like a pretzel, sweating, spilling your life-force over something you thought was really important? I often have those moments and ask myself, “when did it get so serious?” Kind of like when you are out for dinner with your long-term significant other, feigning good company but really without words to say, perhaps only lost in the mechanics.

Now don’t get me wrong, art is serious, very serious.

But if it’s too serious, it get’s boring, don’t you think?

For me, if I’m over the “serious” threshold, I know I’ve veered away the original spark, because it’s starts to feel only like work. Not that creating isn’t work – any long-term artist knows it’s the hardest work there is, often with little external reward. But the reason we do it is because it fuels something deep within us, a passion, love, a sense of deeper purpose, a higher order – whatever it is for you. All I know is that if I get too serious, too wrapped up in the importance of my “mission”, I can lose the magic.

That’s when the vast detours are called for. Something totally different, to play, muse, be silly, be frivolous. Today I got up and danced like a banshee, whatever does the trick.

How have you been this week? Do you deserve to do something senseless? I bet it will fill you more full then you can imagine.