9 steps to starting

by usethevoice

Still beside torrent. Spring 2012

After a beautiful week holidaying by a lake, getting back into action has felt awkward. Finding motivation to get back to my various projects, it occurred to me to look at how I do that, how I get back to it without being to harsh or violent or heavy. I don’t know about you, but for me cracking the whip only creates rebellion and fatigue. Passion is required, but how do we get it back when it feels like it’s on the other side of a barrier? Observing myself I’ve broken it down to a simple step-by-step process:

Step 1 – Have the idea or acknowledge the need to get the work done.

Step 2 – Think about doing it

Step 3 – Think more, feel like it’s going to be hard, distract yourself

Step 4 – Come back to the thought, try not to feel pain

Step 5 – Try to find desire, distract self

Step 6 – Trick self by placing self in front of work, distract self

Step 7-  Start, promise no expectations

Step 8 – The second you get engaged, push yourself over the barrier

Step 9 – You’re in. Now try and pull yourself away!

Each step might include a  few more or less distractions, depending on the day and your dynamic. It’s just that simple!

(proof: I just wrote this blog post!!)